Game Day: Into the Breach

I’ve been playing Into the Breach (by Subset Games) over the past couple of weeks. There have been a couple of interesting pieces written about the UI design for this game (Rock, Paper, Shotgun; Gamasutra) that may entice some of you.

For me, this game is a little like chess, except you can see what your opponent is doing with 100% certainty. You get to plan your moves, decide what sacrifices are worth making, what risks are worth taking, and what resources you’re willing to expend.

Despite the turn-based play style, the game still feels hectic – probably because something new and terrible happens on most turns, with new enemies spawning and trying to overwhelm you and with different objectives and special unit types present on most maps. My biggest gripe with most turn-based games is that they lack a sense of urgency during combat, so that’s really nice for me.

I really recommend giving this game a look. And planning everything carefully from your very first turn.

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