Google Assistant/Samsung Galaxy S8 weirdness

A few days ago I noticed that the Google Assistant app was showing up as available for installation on my Galaxy S8 (it hadn’t shown in the store previously, and showed my device as incompatible via the web). Assistant is already baked into the phone to some extent, but I thought I would install the app and see if it got me access to any additional features.

The actual outcome was that Assistant stopped recognizing commands that were based on personal information I had already entered into the settings on my phone. “OK Google, navigate home” stopped working, for example, and prompted me to enter my home address in the app’s settings. When I checked, the information I had already entered was there; for some reason the app couldn’t see it.

Uninstalling the Google Assistant app restored functionality for me, so thankfully nothing drastic had to be done. So this is just a note: don’t install Google Assistant on a phone that already has some features of the Assistant built in, it doesn’t play well with itself.

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