Security: About the Internet of Things

There’s an article up on Information Security Buzz that’s worth a read. According to a recent industry survey, “A staggering 85% (of responding senior security professionals)believe that less than half of IoT products are secure.”

As more products in the home become network-enabled, it becomes increasingly important that each device communicates securely with all the others. One weak link in the security chain can lead to the entire thing being broken – and to all of your personal data being made available on the open Internet. Unfortunately, no central review of which products have good security configuration exists – so it’s largely up to the end user to figure out what’s best for them.

If you’re considering purchasing a network-enabled device and would like help evaluating the security of your options, get in touch! We can provide an overview of information you should be looking for, or a preliminary evaluation of a model you’re interested in.

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