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Update 15-May-2017: the GEGeek Tech Toolkit is no longer free and the download link has changed. To reach the download page for the toolkit ($20USD for lifetime updates), navigate to and look for “GEGeek Tech Toolkit” in the menu on the left.

In a previous post, I gave a brief review of the GEGeek Tech Toolkit. In this post, I list a few of the tools I use from the available catalogue – bear in mind that this is just my hand-picked few, there are plenty more gems hidden within!

BlueScreenView “scans all your minidump files created during ‘blue screen of death’ crashes, and displays the information about all crashes in one table”. Useful especially when the information isn’t displayed onscreen long enough to gether it, or when you want to diagnose an ongoing problem without poring through the Event Viewer for hours.

Windows Error Lookup Tool: “Type in an error code and WELT will display the Facility, Status, Code, Define, and Description for the error”.

Windows Sysinternals: the website for Sysinternals is awful, but the tools are invaluable and they’re all available in this suite.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is an indispensable tool for removing all kinds of garbage software from systems, but some programs will block its installation. The portable version works around that, though it tends to be a bit slower than the installed one.

Norton Power Eraser “eliminates deeply embedded and difficult to remove crimeware that traditional virus scanning doesn’t always detect”.

Microsoft FixIt Portable (warning, link downloads .exe file directly) allows for downloading and transporting the entire Microsoft Fix It catalogue to remote computers.

WSUS Offline Update is a GUI- and command-line-based tool that can download and install Windows updates from either Microsoft’s servers or a specified WSUS server. This has been incredibly useful for me in cases where a critical update won’t download, or when Windows Update has broken on a machine for an undiagnosed reason.

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