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As mentioned in my last post, today I’m going to make note of a couple of my favourite tools from the PortableApps suite. There’s a massive number of apps in the toolkit – these are just the ones I find most interesting.

7-Zip Portable
7-Zip is my favourite file compression tool, due to its minimal interface and the easy way it handles just about every archive format out there. Having it anywhere I want it is a plus.

FileZilla Portable
FileZilla is my go-to for FTP transfers. My typical use case: Leave a large file on my domain, then download it wherever and whenever I need it. Better than trying to manage it using the Windows Explorer interface by far.

PuTTY Portable
PuTTY is used for SSH, Telnet (especially since Hyperterminal isn’t around anymore), and Serial port (real or emulated) management of remote devices. It is an indispensable tool and I’m frequently shocked by people’s ignorance of it.

KeePass Classic Portable
KeePass is my password management system of choice. I keep my KeePass file accessible in a couple of places, but I can’t always count on it being installed where I’m working.

CPU-Z Portable
CPU-Z provides basic but often hidden information about a system’s hardware. Useful for finding BIOS updates, hardware health information, and other diagnostic details.

TeamViewer Portable
TeamViewer is a great program for remote support, but I don’t like to keep the full client installed on my support workstation. The Portable version is a great option.

TreeSize Free Portable
TreeSize helps you track down where your hard drive space has gone. The Pro version is especially useful on file servers when you aren’t quite sure which user has gobbled up the server’s entire drive.

In my next post, I’ll list a few applications from the GEGeek Tech Toolkit that I’ve found useful.

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