Tools: Remote Desktop Connection Manager

When I work in environments with a large number of Windows servers – and especially when they’re not all in the same physical location, or when some of them are virtual – I find it useful to be able to access them all from one console. The Microsoft tool Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan) has been my go-to for this purpose for years, and has recently undergone a major update.

A couple of highlights of the new features added in RDCMan 2.7:
– Support for credential encryption with certificates
– Added recently used servers virtual group
– Performance improvements when loading large files

Work has gone into functionality, security, and usability – all around, a solid update to a tool that was already really useful. Several bugs have been squashed as well.

The drawback to the tool is that it will not connect to Linux servers running xrdp, so a separate VNC tool is required if you’re managing those servers remotely, but since xrdp hasn’t really worked since Windows 7 you probably have another tool in place already.

Source/full list of features and bugfixes: Remote Desktop Connection Manager updated to v2.7

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